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Since 1996 RM1 Has Been a Leader in Premium Hosting

RM1 has been hosting web sites just like yours since 1996. There are not many hosting providers with that kind of track record. PHP, MySQL, CGI, SSI, LAMP, .NET, ASP all come standard with every hosting package we offer. Whether you have a Linux site, Windows ASP, CMS, Joomla, WordPress, whatever your requirements– we offer just what you need.

Our flexible pricing makes it easy for any site to get up and running for a minimal expense. For what you would pay for a small portion of a shared server RM1 offers the cloud solution. Your site is mirrored automatically on servers all over the net to provide instant scaling when you need it. You get on Oprah Winfrey and she can plug your site all she wants, RM1 will scale automatically to make sure each and every customer reaches your web site.

To hear how our cloud solution can make a real difference to your business watch the video below. Then come to RM1. Always Up, Never Down.™

Why RM1 Uses Cloud Technology

Many of the new cloud hosting platforms require that you use custom code and architecture. Our environment is designed to run your applications with no modification. RM1.net is a powerful hosting platform built on existing web standards and powered by proven technology that you know, trust, and use regularly. You get the benefits of a scalable cloud platform without spending time coding custom APIs or data schemas. We get you on the Cloud quickly, easily, and with lots of room to grow.