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Pre-sales support

It’s only natural that you may have some questions before you move to RM1. For a quick reply use our contact form. For telephone enquiries please call our toll-free number at 1-800-891-6661.

Control Panel Access Control Panel Access

Customer control panel access

All of our 24/7 tech support is available for customers at If you are a new customer or haven’t yet registered on our ticket system, first you register to obtain an account. You will need a valid email address. Once you have an account, open a ticket.

24 x 7 x 365 customer toll free support

Our customer service department is always open. Once you are a customer you’ll have access to our toll-free tech support. Want to call us on Christmas morning? We’ll be here so you can unwrap your new web hosting present!

24 x 7 x 365 customer chat based support

Rather than take the time to dial a phone just a couple of mouse clicks will put you in touch immediately with a qualified tech who knows the answers to your questions. Most times a chat session will answer your questions immediately. You’ll often be given text links and answers that you can cut and paste right where you need it.

Knowledge base articles

Search our knowledge base articles for quick access to our FAQ. Brief and to the point, here is where you will find the answers to commonly asked questions from Domains & DNS, Email, Websites, to Web Programming, chances are the answers are here.

Backup policy

Clients are responsible for backing up their own site locally. That being said, RM1 takes snapshots and backs up your site up regularly as a failsafe for you. We take a snapshot of all sites periodically every 4 hours and retain the last 8 snapshots. We retain 7 weekly snapshots for all customers, plus 7 daily snapshots for Full E-Commerce customers. For clients using MySQL databases (like OsCommerce, WordPress, Mambo, etc.) we back up your database daily and retain 28 daily backups.

If you make changes to your site, make sure you keep a copy safe on your own computer before you update to guard against unintended problems during your design process. If you notice a problem with your site contact us using the contact form above and we can arrange a restore for you. The ultimate responsibility for backup remains with the client, and RM1 makes no warranties regarding its services. Read our Business Practices and Disclosures for clarification.