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What makes us so different from all others is our gestalt approach:
1. We perform a marketing audit of your business:
   • We define who you really are, your culture, objectives, and uniqueness
   • We identify your strengths in relation to your competitors
   • We discover what really interests your customers
   • We build a synergy between your customer’s interests and your REAL strengths
2. We create a clean customer interface for your web site, marketing, and advertising.
3. We film video that tells your story much better than text alone.
4. Our SEO techniques get your pages listed at the top of search engines minutes after we update your site.
5. We energize an effective social media campaign to drive traffic to your site.
6. We coordinate cost-effective media distribution, adding radio, TV and print where appropriate.

Some of Our Web Design Clients

Have you ever noticed what happen while you are using work gloves and the phone rings? You have to take your gloves off to answer the phone. Not any more with Ripit Gloves. Check them out and you’ll want a pair!
Pompilio’s Electric trolleys no longer click-clack past the front door, nor do stagnant spittoons rest beneath the bar’s front rail, but for over a century customers have been frequenting the bar and restaurant establishment known, since 1933, as Pompilio’s. We provide this great, historical restaurant with a website their customers can engage in and make easy online purchases. Pompilio’s staff can manage content, keeping it fresh.
CareFree Smile Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry CareFree Smile Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry is a patient-centered dental practice located at the intersection of beautiful North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Carefree. Carefree Smile needed a website that would express “carefree” and we delivered, providing a clean and clear message to customers.
Gunstuff.shop is a multi-vendor marketplace similar to Amazon, only supporting firearms. Hundreds of manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers. From firearms to holsters and everything in between, GunStuff is your place to shop.
Charlotte Advanced Orthodontics Dr. Christina Sutherland Pepper of Charlotte Advanced Orthodontics says, “On that final day of treatment when a patient looks in the mirror and sees his or her perfect smile, it has all been worth it!”. This practice is committed to customer satisfaction. We are too! We developed this website to accommodate all of Dr. Christina’s needs for both her staff and patients.
Gunstuff TV Show Gunstuff TV Show is your TV Home for Shooting Sports. With nationally broadcast shows like History of the Gun on Tuff TV, we were challenged to provide a robust website capable of delivering quality video content, presented using the most compatible and simple viewing methods. We researched current technology and selected the best of the best to launch this one-of-a-kind site. We included an Amazon-style shop that supports multiple vendors and thousands of products.
Peachland Dental At Peachland Dental in Punta Gorda, FL, Dr. Joseph Lawson and Dr. Seth Pepper complete most all dental procedures under one roof, saving patients from multiple visits to specialists offices. Likewise, this website represents a single location to serve the needs of both customers and employees.
Freedom Processing is a merchant processor that specializes in second amendment shooting sports merchants. With low merchant processing fees, Freedom Processing also works for brick and mortar businesses and ecommerce sites of all types.
Dotson Firearms Whether you’re new to shooting sports or an experienced veteran, Dotson Firearms is the one-stop destination for all your shooting needs. Many customers find shopping in Tennessee both easy and friendly. We provided Jason Dotson with an eCommerce website that brings this experience to the Internet.
Carolina Arms Group The unmistakable refinement of Carolina Arms Group products are a reflection of their employees’ daily dedication to manufacturing excellence. This world-class firearm company needed a website that presented them as such. We created a website store that truly represents their handcrafted style and expertise.
American Outdoors American Outdoors is the country’s longest running outdoor television show. Since 1968 American Outdoors has been bringing TV audiences outdoor adventures and outdoor product reviews from all over the globe. With this website we provide outdoor enthusiasts access to episodes and segments of the hit show and a convenient way to purchase the best outdoor products.
Cincinnati Right to Life Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati ensures that pro-life principles of protection and dignity for all innocent human life are upheld and kept before the public. We find it a privilege to work with these great people.
signature Signature Engines, located at historic Lunken Airport in Cincinnati Ohio, is known the world over for their aircraft engine rebuild service. When it comes to flying, a pilot wants 100% engine uptime. Pilots, just like rm1.net customers, want to be Always Up, Never Down.SM We built Signature’s web site, shot the photography and videos on the site. Immediately Signature saw a 19% increase in web traffic as their previous flash-based site was basically invisible to mobile users.
Miami Valley Christian Academy The Miami Valley Christian Academy has a K-12 educational system dedicated to “Preparing Minds and Hearts to Impact the World for Christ.” To accomplish their 5 year strategic plan they have rm1.net to build a new web site dedicated to their capital campaign. They wanted to make sure that this site would work for all platforms, including iPad, iPhone and the newest technology, so rm1 has built the site so that it automatically scales to each device. Resource Marketing produced, directed, and shot all of the videos on the site. These videos tell the story much better than text alone. MVCA has discovered that to really change hearts and minds you need video to tell your story.
Ryan Smith Raving Fans Ryan Smith Raving Fans takes customer service in real estate to the VIP level. In fact, this site sets the bar for all customer service, not just for real estate. Ryan wanted rm1.net to build an exciting site, full of cutting edge graphics with a high-energy vibe to help folks understand just how ground-breaking their service is. You’ll agree when you visit the site that rm1.net has accomplished this mission.
Triple Crown Autoglass in Lexington, Kentucky builds its business on speed. They understand the need to get repairs done quickly. They were surprised to find out just how fast rm1.net could give them a web presence. In less than 30 days we photographed their trucks, personnel, and installation process, designed and completed their outstanding web site at TripleCrownAutoglass.com
Chris Hodges of Eagle Ridge Builders in Temple, Texas came to us looking for a makeover for his web site. He had seen how rm1.net integrates video with HTML5 and wanted that look for his web site. When the web site and video were delivered his expectations were vastly exceeded. Check this web site out and in particular the video “In Their Own Words.”
Tired of cookie cutter web sites, Joe Conrad wanted a web site as individual as his insurance company. Rm1.net came to the rescue with a whole new makeover and a new web site JoeConradInsurance.com. Joe is happy that now his customers in Hamilton, Ohio can securely enter their data into his secure application form with SSL protection.
Many folks share a common fear of going to the dentist. DrMikePalmer.com provides all the answers up front that provides a patient with the confidence to move forward with a treatment plan. Dr. Palmer’s office has reported a significant reduction of paperwork as their new patients bring in their medical history prepared on the site.
For over 20 years The Kentucky Symphony has delighted concertgoers all over Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. Their new web site in 2011 will highlight multimedia examples of their fun and innovative programming.
Rettay Chiropractic treats pain all day long. At the end of the day the last thing they want to deal with is the pain of dealing with web design. RM1 put their site together and trained the staff on how to update and add more content. Look for lots of tips on healthy living here in the future.
Popular Utah photographer and image maker Rachel Nelson is constantly busy shooting people and events in the Rockies. When she needed help with her new web site RachaelNelsonPhotography.com she turned to RM1 because of our long history in developing high-traffic sites.
For a great example of a HTML5 web site check out Swainhart.org. Filmmaker and designer Christopher Swainhart’s home page offering how-to’s on HDSLR digital filmmaking.
Today’s world finds outsourcing to be the preferred method of producing a wide variety of products. Dentists of course do not produce their own appliances but turn to outsides sources, many of them overseas. The Helton Laboratory in Lexington Kentucky provides top quality results that dentists trust. RM1 designed heltonortholab.com, and our parent company Resource Marketing shot the photos that you see on the site.
R. A. Benedict Sales Co. is a HVAC manufacturer’s rep to HVAC wholesalers and has been in business to 1973. Based in Pennsylvania they cover all of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. They represent a wide line of manufacturers in the Midwest and trust RM1.net with their web design and hosting.
VFW Stories is a repository of the untold stories of veterans who have served the cause of freedom. There are inspirational stories that we as a design firm were happy to be a part of as we present them in this inspiring web design.
Every business can use the services of BicHQ.com. Find great prices on every model of advertising pen made by the world famous Bic coorporation. You can design your pens on line and have them delivered in just a few days.
Our parent company Resource Marketing has been producing marketing and promotional campaigns for over 20 years. Clients include a majority of the Fortune 500. A recent client addition is the Verizon corporation. In addition to TV ad campaigns Resource Marketing features promotional products. Visit this site for everything promotional, sell over 500,000 promotional products from T-shirts and wearables to mugs and everything else in between. There surely will be something there to promote your web site.
Refrigerator magnets are used in American homes as the command central for holding shopping lists, soccer schedules, and in businesses to keep track of meetings and deadlines. This spunky little guy, Mr Magnet can help you make sure that your business or enterprise is the one seen there daily, reminding them that on top of all of the priorities that they need to call you for your goods or service. Mr Magnet uses our TrustCart technology to sell his magnets online.